About Us

SEAsiaTrade works with individual artisan groups in Southeast Asia to promote their handmade goods to consumers abroad.  We subscribe to a transparent Fair Trade business model.  All of the products we represent are made through cottage industries using time-honored methods.

Meet our Group

SEAsiaTrade maintains direct contact on-site with the cooperatives to ensure that all people engaged in creating the products have safe working conditions and are paid fair wages.  We also work with retailers and consumers to promote reasonable social and economic principles and to demonstrate the advantages of purchasing products advocating Fair Trade.  SEAsTra is a member of the Fair Labor Association and Fair Trade LA.

SEAsTra subscribes to a transparent Fair Trade business model.  We live in Thailand and speak Thai which permits us to work directly, on-location with the artisan groups to promote high quality, marketable products in both traditional and current designs.  We ensure that all groups adhere to fair labor practices, guaranteeing safe working conditions and appropriate living wages for their members, and that child labor is strictly prohibited.

Our advantages

We live in Thailand, speak Thai and work directly, on-site with our artisan groups.


High quality marketable products in traditional and modern designs ​


We ensure that all groups adhere to fair labor practices


Items made from natural materials sourced regionally ​


Artisan groups are recognized locally for superior quality ​