Handwoven Fair Trade Silk Shawls and Scarves, Ban Napho Weaving Group Thailand
Buriram Woman's Weaving Group
The Buriram Women's Weaving Group produces the most
spectacular silk products. They are consistently recognized
and featured in the government sponsored programs that
support local enterprises. The BWWG routinely experiments
with dyeing techniques and weaving methods to create original
and stylish silk scarves and shawls that can be worn on all
Klum Doi Tao
Klum Doi Tao is a cooperative of Karen and Tai ethnic
groups who focus on hand woven, loose weave, cotton
scarves. The groups have historically lived in the same general
area of northwestern Thailand and have traditionally worked
side by side in collaborative efforts. By jointly developing their
time-honored cotton farming and weaving skills, they naturally
constitute a sustainable and eco-friendly enterprise.
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Kampung Silk
After silk artisans craft traditional clothing for traditional,
ceremonial occasions in Isan, northern Thailand, some silk
fabric remains.  The excess silk is repurposed by being cut
into circles and sewn into silk yoyo buds; the yoyos are then
fashioned into uniquely stylish scarves.
Hand Painted Silk, Jersey, Linen, and Chiffon Shawls and Scarves
Sakchira, Master Artist from north east Thailand, uses a
variety of textiles, especially hand woven fabrics on which to
hand paint truly original designs.  His shawls and scarves are
both exciting and chic for casual dress and stylishly elegant to
complement formal wear.   
Hand Woven, Loose Weave, Fair Trade, Cotton Scarves Wholesale
SEAsTra will exhibit at NY NOW, Handmade Global Design, in Booth 428,
Javits Center on Sunday, August 12, through Wednesday, August 15, 2018.
Unique, Handwoven, Upcycled, Silk Bud Yoyo Scarf - Kampung Silk
Repurposed Silk Bud Yoyo Scarf - Kampung Silk
Recycled Silk Bud Yoyo Scarf - Kampung Silk