Ban Napho Weaving Group
The products that SEAsTra promotes are all hand crafted by regional Artisans. The skills that they
develop are passed from one artisan or family member to another in a community setting. S
works, on site, with the Artisans and strictly adheres to the principles of
Fair Trade.
Download pdf documents of the groups shown below to view additional pictures and a short story
introducing each:  
Ban Bauk Ped Bags;  Buriram Women's Weaving Group;  Bantan Weaving
Group;  Kampung Silk;  Lahu Traditional Fabrics; Phon Ngam Artisans; Sakchira; Theong Pour
Sewing; and Tong Batik Artisans .
Lahu Traditional Fabrics
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Bantan Weaving Group
Tong Batik Artisans
Phon Ngam Indigo Cotton
SEAsTra is a member of Fair Trade Los Angles.
SEAsTra is a member of
Fair Trade Los Angeles,
Fair Labor Association.
SEAsTra is a member of the Fair Labor Organization.
Last August 2018, SEAsTra exhibited at NY NOW, Handmade Global Design, in Booth
428, Javits Center
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